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Advantages of Building from Log Cabin Kits

Log Cabin HomeAs the world becomes busier and technology forces people to tweet and post every single occurrence in their lives, some people would rather get away from it all. Some may want to get away to collect their thoughts and engage in old-fashioned handwriting or painting. While others may prefer a place to connect with nature to fish, camp, or hunt. Log cabin kits can help homeowners adapt to a quieter, simpler life. Find out more about building a log cabin home.

Easy to Assemble

Most log cabins are built from kits. One of the main appeals of building a log cabin from a kit is that it is easy to assemble. Each log and its connecting piece is pre-cut and measured for simple construction. In addition, the kit includes coded pieces to simplify the process. Logs, screws, joints and joist are all figured into the design to make building a log cabin, effortless. With a basic set of tools?a ladder, a hammer, a power drill, a circular saw, and a caulking gun?your dream home can be built in a few weeks.

Design Flexibility

A log cabin kit can be modified to meet the buyer’s specifications. One option is to add to a standard shell to make the cabin larger or to modify its shape. A standard shell consists of walls, beams, rafters and a roof. Kits can include options such as furniture, wood stoves, solar panels, porches and other products to individualize your purchase.

Another option is to buy a kit that has nothing but logs to build the walls. However, it is better to buy a complete kit. Generally, an entire kit has everything needed for construction, except the tools.

When deciding on the design, consider the logs’ shape. The shape of the logs adds to the cabin’s charm. Shapes include D-logs, circular and square. Regardless of the shape, make sure the tongues and grooves fit together perfectly to prevent air from seeping through.

Wood Choices

Wood homes capture the spirit of early pioneers when life was simple. Choices include aspen, cedar, cypress and pine. Many homeowners prefer cedar because it is a natural insect repellent. It does not rot or shrink as easily as other types of wood. Still, aspen, cedar and pine logs can be kiln-dried or coated to preserve the wood and prevent warping.

There are many options for the person who wants a peaceful home on a lake, in the mountains, on the shore, or in the woods. Different shapes, floor plans and other features should convince peace-seekers that building a home from a log cabin kit is a perfect choice.

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